Sunday, November 4, 2012

Henry IV Part I Big Question:

In life, the concept of growing up is daunting and intimidating. The thought that we will change and transform into people who make decisions for our own, and other's, well being seems fleeting and unfathomable. Yet there comes a time where we stumble onto the road of maturation and are forced to make the choice to continue down it or stay in place and forever be stuck in a state of selfishness and immaturity. In Henry IV Part I Hal faces his own road when it is evident that he will become king one day and that his childish lifestyle of thievery and pub crawling must not be a part of his life as king. Does Hal take this road to better himself? And if he does, is he, in his own way, growing up?


  1. Is it really a matter of deciding which road to take for Hal (when he has a plan all along)?

  2. I agree that Hal has already chosen what road to take, becoming king, but that does not stop him from exploring the other road that is in front of him, being a pub crawler. With Hal exploring both roads, even though it is decided which one he will travel, I believe he is also growing up as well because he is seeing life from both ends of the spectrum and deciding which side better suits the life he desires.